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Good things come to those who wait; better things come to those who don't – Musicalist


Blu-dub is the umbrella expression for the work of Derek Johnson – aka Musicalist. It currently incorporates his services as a Strategy Consultant to the creative industries; a musician and composer; a music producer; and a solo artist and educator.


Blu-dub: the production sound.


Drawn from extensive, creative experiences, blu-dub is also a particular, musical style.


The sound itself, stems from the inspired foundations of his Jamaican heritage; the Acoustic Blues sentiments of the American South; and the ancestral spirits of the nomadic musicians from West African. All this is encapsulated in the relentless pulse of the London experiences he was raised in. (For examples, hear collaborations with HKB FiNN on the album Spoken Herbs and the debut album by Olivia Flowers, Incandescence.)

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